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We developed a conceptual landing, aim of which is to show how should be a landing page of a car full of high technologies for instance Audi e-tron. 


Audi e-tron is full of innovations and technological features, which we brought to the main sections. Landing page presents all the technical and external characteristics of the car, its advantages, but it does not overload the user with information.
Each block contains big image and special markers which allow to pay attention to one or another detail.


In design we decided not to depart from the style of the main Audi site – only accurate rectangle blocks with the stylish photos of Audi e-tron, capacious short texts on the white and dark-gray background.

We think mobile

A convenient adaptive version of the site isn’t less important than the desktop version, since in majority users visit such sites from smartphones when potential buyers find a little free time.

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