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We had to redesign the new portal with a fresh design, improved UX and security for lots of employees, who need access to the portal to find a contact with anyone they want, find where they are, ask for vacations and sick leaves and many more functions.



Our team has learned all typical employees business processes and created more than 70 prototypes for every function and device.



We had decided to keep the logic of the main functions because users got used to them, but we have improved the whole process so it became much easier and faster to do all the routine, to check all notifications and approve (or decline) all requests.


Based on the prototypes our designer has created an outstanding user interface with a corporate colors and fonts. With a new interface, it’s easy to recognize any information, find a necessary button or send a request for your summer vacation.

We think mobile

An important part of the whole project was the development of a mobile version, because of the high mobility of employees and a requirement to make changes and requests on the go.

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