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ELIO – the manufacturer of the most quality design furniture in Ukraine. OSOM Agency had a task to emphasize the company’s technic level and to demonstrate design solutions that have been featured at many international exhibitions in Germany and Italy.


We have divided the site into 2 sections - furniture and projects. These are the two main types of business in which ELIO is most successful. We illustrate the most important elements with big pictures so that visitors could see how perfect is each detail of the product.
The main target audience of the site is design agencies engaged which are specialized on expensive projects of apartments and houses for their clients. That's why we made the design minimalistic, with a strong focus on quality visuals and brief information about a product or object.


To develop a website for a leading manufacturer of design furniture is harder than it sounds. But we at OSOM Agency accept the challenge. We have made over 60 layouts, and as a result, we have a light and modern site, that corresponds to ELIO’s status on the market not only in Ukraine but in the world.

A minimum of text, large images of examples of work, smooth animation when switching between pages and convenient UX – all this makes the site aesthetic and more able to sell than the previous one.

We think mobile

Our designers have carefully developed the mobile version of the site and its navigation to make it easy to get acquainted with ELIO products from anywhere in the world.

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