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FavoritCar pumps cars daily, and we pumped them a website!
We had a task to redesign the site so that it looks cool and modern and is also convenient to use, for that was necessary to create the most simple and intuitive UI / UX.


We have analyzed all the services and functionality of the old site, and we decided to develop a new design with the stylistics of BMW sites and a well-thought-out structure and navigation so that visitors could quickly find information about the desired service or to order a detail for the their car.


After analyzing the analytics and behavior of visitors, we removed unnecessary details and highlighted more important elements and headings. Near the names of the models we displayed their images, which simplified the process of finding the right one among them on the page for selecting parts and chip tuning services.

We think mobile

The client base of the car service, drivers, in majority spend time with mobile devices, so the presence of a convenient adaptive version of the site in this case is a very important nuance.

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