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HR Bot easy – is a very valuable service in the HR world. Using bot it interviews all candidates in online mode instead of hr manager and selects only suitable ones. It was necessary to develop a functional site for the bot to conduct checks to manage them.


We created a designer landing page to present HR bot to the users, its advantages and tariffs. Having become interested and paid for the service, the user logs in to the HRbot - Easy website, generates a check and sends a link to the test to the candidate. Further, the Izya bot does all the work for him and at the end provides him with the check results and the test score for making a decision.
Moreover, the candidate can choose where he want to take the test: on the site or in the Facebook messenger.


In the design part we decided to humanize a bot called Izya and made him a site guide.
Carefully thought-out UI/UX pages design let a user understand easily the site, despite of not enough easy logic.
The results contain a lot of versatile information about the candidate, which is divided into easy-to-read blocks, and the most important facts are marked with colored markers.

We think mobile

Since HR will be used on smartphones in 90% of cases, the adaptive version is the most important for development.

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