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How To Create A Successful
Landing Page

Design and Interface
A one-page website has just one goal - to sell a product or service, and it is called the Landing Page. The thoughtful design and structure of the lending allow us to discover all the benefits of your offer and turn as many visitors into your customers as possible.

Trouble-Free Operation
What do you feel when you go a site and it does not work? If your customer visits a non-working site it will be really hard to make him return.This is why the trouble-free operation is so important. We guarantee the smooth operation of your site so you do not miss a single client.

Attractive Offer
In addition to the beautiful design and structure, it is necessary to place an attractive offer on the landing page. You can offer a free service, presentation or discount, which is available for a limited amount of time. This will maximize the number of customers coming from the site.

Online Advertising
There is no point in developing a Landing Page without the professional online advertising settings. It is necessary to use the best tools, such as Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. And with the help of the remarketing function, you can catch up with your visitors on other sites and social networks so that they will not forget to make a purchase from you.




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We will help you with the development of image sites or complex online projects, mobile applications, graphic design, animation clips or online advertising

Landing page as an effective tool for increasing sales

Unlike other types of sites, which are often multi-purpose, landing page pursues one specific goal. This can be a purchase, a call or a user registration. Therefore, all textual and visual information on this page is aimed at achieving this goal.

How to determine if you need a landing page design? You feel that your business is stagnant, sales are stagnant or falling, you want to promote a new product or service, attract new customers, you do not like the result of advertising on the site and you want to try something new.

Marketing research says that the landing page is 10-30% more efficient than a regular website. The user`s attention here focuses on a single product or service, the benefits of which should be presented in a concise and attractive form.

If you want to order the creation of the landing page, you should know that there are different types of it:

Development of the landing page requires one very important thing - a unique selling proposition. How does your product or service differ from similar offers of competitors? What are the advantages and advantages of your offer? Therefore, very often the creation of a one-page is performed for a specific marketing campaign - the arrival of a new product, which is not available anywhere else, is a big discount that is valid for a certain period of time.

Landing page development at OSOM Agency
In the studio OSOM Agency you can order the creation of landing page for a variety of purposes. We are ready to offer our customers:

- creating a landing page from scratch - we will come up with an interesting idea that will help you to effectively solve the tasks, we will translate it into an attractive, unique design and properly working tool;

- mobile page adaptation - this means that a single-page will be equally well displayed and work on mobile operating systems - on smartphones and tablets;

- advertising - so that the landing page starts to give results, we will help you choose and set up the appropriate advertising tools.

The development process of the landing page includes an analysis of the competitive environment, market, client`s business, web requests, the target audience, the creation of a unique proposal that sells text, the creation of a prototype, design, software component and layout of the site.

To order a landing page, fill out the form on this page - our consultant will contact you to discuss the project, name the approximate cost and arrange a meeting.