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    We study your market position and competitors

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    We create an ideal site structure to increase sales

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    We make a full-featured site with an individual design

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    Marketing Campaign

    We increase your hit ratio on Google and social networks

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    After-Market Support

    We continually work with you to improve your flow of sale


We take great pride in every project we are involved in. Every member of the OSOM Agency team puts their soul into the development of our projects. Our desire is that every project we make is really AWESOME, bringing more customers to our clients.

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How To Create
A Successful Website

Design and Interface
Great website design is not only a beautiful image but also a thought-out structure for convenient use. Correct display of all elements on the site pages allows you to easily find necessary information, increasing the likelihood of the visitor`s transformation into your client.

Trouble-Free Operation
What do you feel when you go a site and it does not work? If your customer visits a non-working site it will be really hard to make him return.This is why the trouble-free operation is so important. We guarantee the smooth operation of your site so you do not miss a single client.

Compliance with Search Queries
Every visitor of your site has a specific goal. Your site should help to achieve this goal, whether it`s purchasing a product, getting some service or searching for information. Only then a visitor will become your loyal customer.

Content Refreshment
Your site should live an active life to show visitors that you are doing great. Newsblog refreshment is a right thing to do. It also promotes SEO optimization of your website, which will help bring it to the top of Google Search and reduce the cost of attracting visitors to the site.

Online Advertising
Launching a website is just the beginning. To attract visitors, it is necessary to engage in its online promotion. The OSOM Agency team is working on your progress straight after the launch of your site so that we can achieve the best results together.

Social Accounts Activity
Almost everyone has an account in social networks nowadays. It is very important that your business page is regularly updated with content. Users will see that your company is developing. This will add trust for your business, and increase the chance of turning a visitor into a client.




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We will help you with the development of image sites or complex online projects, mobile applications, graphic design, animation clips or online advertising