To create a site with a modern design and structure that stands out from the competition. Each service must be properly designed so that visitors can quickly and easily find the information they need, without losing time reading large arrays of text.


We have developed a website with a broad service structure. Despite the fact that each page contains a lot of information, it is easily perceived due to the correct arrangement of the text. In the admin panel, we implemented the ability to edit any content and to add new sections and blocks, which greatly simplifies the management of the site.


The design was created in corporate colours with thematic blocks so that visitors could easily move into the necessary sections. On each page and in the header of the site there are CTA elements that encourage users to apply for a medical consultation.

Mobile Look

Today, when more than a half of users search for information on the Internet using mobile devices, the importance of an adaptive site version is obvious. Each page of this site has been carefully developed by our front-end developer.

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